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2019 is the Year to Buy: 3 Reasons to Purchase a Home in Colorado Springs this Year

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JOB GROWTH Colorado Springs added close to 14,000 jobs in just 2018 alone. The near-record job growth is largely attributed to the growing leisure and hospitality sector and booming construction, as well as an increase in Department of Defense (DoD) contracts. Colorado Springs came in number five out of more than 180 cities when it comes to the “Best Cities …

3 Deal Breakers for Buyers That Sellers Should Know About

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There are many reasons a home might not sell. Hopefully, you are working with a real estate agent who is experienced enough to help you avoid crucial mistakes when listing, staging, and showing your property. Even still, we think it’s worth going over a few small (and fixable!) reasons we see buyers say ‘nay’ on a home. 1.  Pet Stains and …

How Colorado Springs Ranking on the ‘Best Places to Live List’ Impacts Real Estate

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If you keep up with Colorado real estate news, you have probably heard by now that Colorado Springs came in second place for the U.S. News & World Report magazine’s 2018 list of best places to live in. Our favorite city at the base of Pikes Peak was beaten out by Austin, Texas (ranking in at number one), but we moved …

The Impact of Cannabis Dispensaries on Property Values in Colorado Springs

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It’s a sensitive topic, but worth discussing as buyers and sellers are always curious about the impact of marijuana dispensaries on property value. And, as of early 2018, there are more than 150 dispensaries in El Paso County alone. It has been more than five years since our state of Colorado voted to become one of two states (at the …

Why 2018 is the Year to Stop Renting

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Are you planning on buying a home in Colorado Springs this year? If so, seeing the hot market and fierce competition may be intimidating. We find many homeowners or those renting in the Pikes Peak region want to sell and move up to the next price bracket (or purchase their very first home) but don’t. Why? It’s because many buyers …


Tips for Navigating a Hot Real Estate Market

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1. Choosing an Experienced Real Estate Agent is EVERYTHING We see many folks choosing inexperienced friends or family members to represent them while searching for and purchasing their Colorado Springs home. Remember this though: buying a home could be the largest single purchase you will ever make. It’s a big moment. It’s an expensive moment. And you to make sure …