2019 is the Year to Buy: 3 Reasons to Purchase a Home in Colorado Springs this Year

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Colorado Springs added close to 14,000 jobs in just 2018 alone. The near-record job growth is largely attributed to the growing leisure and hospitality sector and booming construction, as well as an increase in Department of Defense (DoD) contracts.
Colorado Springs came in number five out of more than 180 cities when it comes to the “Best Cities for Jobs” category according to WalletHub. The city was also ranked the number one city for job growth, causing Colorado Springs to see a large surge in its millennial population. Colorado Springs is the fastest growing city for millennials and ranks 6th in the nation for the highest share of millennials overall, a whopping 26.4 percent! Hipsters are taking advantage of the city’s strong job market and making a move the southern Front Range.


Colorado Springs is still more affordable than many parts of the state. Just 60 miles south of Denver, many people choose to commute rather than live in the more expensive Denver area. For families with children, living in a more suburban environment with a smaller price tag, yet having quick access to Denver, continues to be a big draw.


Colorado Springs frequently finds itself on national lists for clean air, healthy lifestyles, and mild climates. Despite the growing population, the natural beauty in and around Colorado Springs is plentiful. With Pikes Peak towering over the city at just over 14,000 feet, views are inescapable as you travel around the city. Pristine aspen forests and countless hiking trails are just a short drive from the city center. You can wrap up your day at the office, shed your work attire, and be surrounded by nature in a matter of minutes. A bonus is the city’s proximity to world-class ski resorts.
Foodies are also finding Colorado Springs has something to offer just about everyone. From five-star dining to a growing number of gourmet food trucks for the grab-and-go crowd, you will not be disappointed in the food scene variety.
Moreover, Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region is also home to numerous local breweries, distilleries, and wineries. Attend one of the many festivals throughout the year to explore the many tastes of Colorado.
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