Tips for Moving with Your Pet, Part Two

In part one of our Tips for Moving with Your Pet series, we discussed some tips on how to keep your dog safe and stress-free on moving day. But what about once you’ve arrived at your new home? Introducing your dog to his or her new environment is just as important as keeping him or her safe during the move. Here are a few more tips to consider if you are moving to or from Colorado Springs with your dog this year:

1. Move into Your Home First

While it might be tempting to allow your dog to run free around your new and empty home before you have moved in, experts don’t recommend this. Because your dog will feel most comfortable in a house that looks and smells similar to your previous home (the smells will come from your furniture), it is best to at least set up one room before bringing the dog inside. This will also keep your dog safe while setting up your new space.

2. Update Your Dogs Tags and Vet

Because dogs can become anxious when moving to a new area, and because they are not yet familiar with their surroundings, it is essential to make sure your dog’s tags are updated with your current contact information. Likewise, add the phone number of the closest vet or emergency animal hospital to your phone as soon as possible. This way, if an emergency occurs before you have the chance to find a new vet, you will have contact information on hand.

3. Take a Walk Around the Neighborhood and Introduce Your Dog to New Neighbors

Finally, as soon as you are all moved in, take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Allow him or her to explore, smelling and familiarizing themselves with the new area. You can also introduce your dog to the nearby neighbors. Especially if your dog is a larger animal, this will ensure everyone feels safe and friendly with your pet.