Tips for Navigating a Hot Real Estate Market


1. Choosing an Experienced Real Estate Agent is EVERYTHING

We see many folks choosing inexperienced friends or family members to represent them while searching for and purchasing their Colorado Springs home. Remember this though: buying a home could be the largest single purchase you will ever make. It’s a big moment. It’s an expensive moment. And you to make sure the right person is standing in your corner to help you navigate things like negotiation, bidding wars, inspections, and legal paperwork.

None of us would hire an inexperienced friend or family member to replace our leaking roof or rewire the electrical in our home. We want someone with experience. In fact, we want the best and most experienced person for the job. This is why we always urge our buyers to find a trusted and expert real estate agent when navigating the Colorado Springs housing market.

At Woodleaf Realty, we want our buyers to WIN in the competing offer game! We don’t want our buyers to miss out on the home they love. We have a toolbox full of unique and creative ways to make an offer become a seller’s favorite.

2. Interest Rates Are Still Low but On the Rise

It’s important to understand interest rates when making an offer on a home. Touch base with your real estate agent to find out the current numbers—this will help you and your agent decide if a purchase makes sense for your situation.

3. Colorado Springs is Hot—but Denver is Hotter

Colorado Springs home prices are still well below those of the Denver market—it’s no wonder we see many Denver residents moving to the Pikes Peak region and making the commute north for work.

According to The Denver Post, El Paso County will exceed Denver County’s population in the next 15 years, a 58.6% increase! More reason to buy now…

4. Have Fun

It sounds silly, right? Have fun? In this crazy, hot market?

But let us remind you: you’re buying a home! While it can be nerve-racking and emotional at times, it should also be fun. It’s a privilege to own a home. And it’s an even greater privilege to live in a gorgeous, mountainous city like Colorado Springs! Remember to have fun while searching for your property. Enjoy the process and trust your agent. It will make the hunt a little less daunting—we promise!