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Benefits for the Military Homebuyer in their Colorado Springs Home Search

We offer one of the best benefits programs available for the Military homebuyer in our area. We work with our preferred lender, The Lisa Ramsey Team at Midland States Bank located right here in Colorado Springs.

It’s an honor and a privilege for us to serve our Active Duty Military, Retired Military, Veterans and Disabled Veterans. We want your military home search and purchase to be the best possible experience.

Here’s why a Military-experienced real estate company like Woodleaf is important to you as you begin your military home search in Colorado Springs.

How can the Woodleaf agent benefit the Military homebuyer?

Are you looking for an agent who understands your unique PCS timing requirements?

We, at Woodleaf, have worked with hundreds of Military homebuyers so we understand your short time frames. We work quickly within your tight timing requirements to make your Military home purchase a smooth and happy experience.

Are you looking for an agent who cares about the eventual resale value of the home you purchase?

We, at Woodleaf, understand that our Military homeowners can be deployed or relocated. Because of that, we are very interested that our Military homebuyers make a wise purchase and investment.

Are you looking for an agent who will fight hard for you?

We, at Woodleaf, are not afraid to fight and negotiate the best for our Military homebuyers. So we keep our toolbox full of unique provisions designed to specially benefit you!

Schedule a call with our team today to experience first class real estate professionals who are privileged and ready to “serve” you.


How can the Woodleaf Team benefit the Military homebuyer with their loan process?

Are you looking for an agent who can confidently walk you through a seamless loan and contract process?

We have a smooth and efficient system in place that assures a timely and smooth loan process for our Military homebuyers. You choose the lender with whom you wish to work. We, at Woodleaf, recommend The Lisa Ramsey Team, because they understand the VA loan program and the myriad of benefits available when making a military home purchase so that our Veterans can best be served.

Are you looking for an agent who understands the requirements of the Department of Veteran Affairs?

We, at Woodleaf, understand the VA is highly interested that their loan backing is for a solid investment. We will guide you to homes that will meet the VA minimum property standards for the Military home.

Are you looking for an agent who will provide you with a financial reward?

We have a unique program to financially benefit our Military members as they make their Colorado Springs home purchase. Simply inquire below to let us know you’re interested so we can discuss our unique rewards program with you.

We, at Woodleaf, are experienced, full-time, first class real estate professionals who are privileged and ready to “serve” you. Veterans’ situations vary so let’s meet and we can explain how the Woodleaf Rewards Rebate program, the different loan packages plus the benefits that will be most advantageous to you.

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