3 Deal Breakers for Buyers That Sellers Should Know About

There are many reasons a home might not sell. Hopefully, you are working with a real estate agent who is experienced enough to help you avoid crucial mistakes when listing, staging, and showing your property. Even still, we think it’s worth going over a few small (and fixable!) reasons we see buyers say ‘nay’ on a home.

1.  Pet Stains and Smells

Some buyers are allergic to pets. While we all know that people have animal allergies, we often forget about this crucial fact when preparing our home for the market. Even if you think your dog or cat or hamster are the cutest and friendliest creature on earth, not every buyer will. This is especially true if your pet tends to go to the bathroom in the house.

If you have pets, it is worth having your house cleaned for odors and hair before showings. There is nothing worse than having an interested buyer who walks away because he or she can’t stop sneezing in your home.

2. Your Neighbor’s Unkept Yard

This is a tricky one because, well, you can’t force your neighbor to maintain their yard. Unfortunately, buyers will walk away from properties they like because of the houses next door or across the street. If your neighbors tend to avoid yard maintenance, it could be worth having a kind and honest conversation with them about how it is impacting the sale of your home. You can also offer to help with yard work if your neighbor is too busy or physically unable. Even small tasks, like mowing the lawn or adding some fresh flowers to the curb can help.

3. Personal Items

When viewing a property, the last things buyers want to see are the homeowners’ personal items laying around. Yes, we’ve seen it all!  This includes things like razors in the shower, hygiene products on display, dirty laundry in the closet (or washer), family photos, intimate apparel, etc. Believe it or not, what can seem like no big deal to a homeowner can create an unappealing environment for a buyer.  It is best to remove these items from sight before showings to avoid distractions and awkwardness for the potential buyers. The goal is to create an environment that causes buyers to picture themselves living in your home and loving it.

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