How to Cherish the Final Days in Your Home

Did you know some sellers experience grief when moving and saying goodbye to their home? Sometimes though, they don’t even realize it until they have already moved away.

When selling a home, people can often get so caught up in the moving to-do lists that they forget to cherish the final days living at home. These last moments are essential though. As you begin to pack and prepare for your move elsewhere, whether it be to a new home in Colorado Springs or a new city, remember to cherish your time. As sellers can often become sad after saying goodbye to a property, especially one with many memories, it is important to be intentional about the transition.

Take Pictures

Document the final few weeks living at home by taking pictures or home video. Even if there are boxes and piles to be sorted, someday you and your family will enjoy looking back on these photos. And take photos of Colorado Springs. Grab some shots of Pikes Peak and take pictures of your neighborhood and at memorable spots around the city.

Have Dinner at the Table

During a move, it can be more convenient to eat at a restaurant. It’s less stressful than having to cook and clean; grabbing takeaway is also a common choice for sellers. But we recommend preparing at least one or two more meals to eat at the table while living in your home. Eat with your loved ones and talk about how everyone is feeling about the upcoming move. These moments will be necessary for everyone during the transition, as well as in years to come.

Pack Slowly, and With Intention

We don’t always have the privilege of taking time packing; sometimes we have to move quickly for work or family matters. If time allows though, pack your boxes slowly. Allow memory to take over as you pack away your belongings for the next season of life. And go through your items with intention: donate the things you no longer use. Moving can be great for organizing, as it allows us to sort, label, clean, and give away belongings.

And remember, moving is a very big deal.

It is not uncommon to feel down or unlike yourself during this significant change. Becoming nostalgic is common. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling extremely sentimental about what you love about your current home or your neighborhood.  Sometimes the simplest of things will remind you of why you purchased your current home in the first place. Even buyers’ remorse is not an unusual feeling when making a move. Just remember to rely on your friends and family and take things slow. Cherishing the final days in your home can also help with the transition process.