Colorado Home Buyers Offer Cash, Vacations, and Broncos Tickets to Entice Sellers

In a recent story by The Denver News Channel, journalists shared some of the crazy and ridiculous perks Colorado buyers include with their offers to win over sellers. Some of these perks include offering trips to Paris or including season tickets to the Denver Broncos. Realtors in Denver are also encouraging first-time buyers to come to the table with all cash offers if they are able—the market is that hot in our state’s capital.

For one particular home in Denver, the seller disclosed that whoever was to buy his house must agree to take care of the pet squirrel living in his backyard. Prospective buyers not only agreed to this stipulation but wrote letters expressing their love for the squirrel and how they were eager to look after it.

Calling the market a “seller’s market is the understatement of the year,” the agents proclaim.

One 1880s cottage in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, listed for $550,000, had three offers and closed for $80,000 over asking price. The real estate market in Denver is THAT hot. 

It’s also THAT hot in Colorado Springs.

We share these facts with you so that you can be prepared and ready to make the very best offer on the house you love. While Denver is a hot market, these crazy offer incentives are not isolated to the capital—Colorado Springs buyers are also competitive. Working with an experienced and trusted real estate agent (read our recent post on tips for navigating a hot real estate market) to come up with a good strategy for your offer is crucial. Before putting in an offer you need to ask yourself:

What can I bring to the table that other buyers can’t?

What makes my living situation unique? How do I differ from other buyers?

And how do I plan to love and care for this home?

These are all important questions, especially when dealing with sellers who are emotionally invested in their property.

Be prepared to go the extra mile.

At Woodleaf Realty, we love helping buyers put together strategic and enticing offers to win their Colorado Springs dream home. Give us a call today—our experienced team is ready to help you buy your next home, even in the hot Colorado housing market!