Repair Steps for a Full Home Recovery Post Windstorm

Colorado Springs just saw one of the most damaging windstorms in over 100 years of history. In the Cheyenne Canyon area, wind gusts reached a reported 101 mph! Trees are uprooted, cars are destroyed, and roofs are missing. There’s damage city-wide.  Depending on the neighborhood, some homes are in worse shape than others.
Every home needs a thorough inspection for a full recovery. Even minor damage should be repaired.  All this will be in your favor as a homeowner especially when the time comes to sell your home.


First and foremost, investigate. If you haven’t done this step by now, do it soon.  Slowly make your way around your property doing a detailed search to see what damage your home sustained.
What should you look for?

  • Look for missing shingles on your roof. Often it takes a bird eye’s view to analyze; so pull out that ladder and (safely) get a better look.
  • See if any gutters are dismantled or missing.
  • Keep an eye out for down branches; trees and branches are the cause for much of the damage done to homes post windstorms.
  • Make sure siding and decking are still in place.
  • Look for broken glass or broken windows.
  • If you find something unusual on the ground, do a bit of investigating to find its source. With such strong gusts, it could’ve come from a neighbor’s home or yard.

Once you’ve found damage, call your insurance company. They may have an adjuster come to your home. Otherwise, give them a thorough list of the damage. Once you know what your insurance will cover, you can decide what damage you can have professionally repaired.
If you are missing shingles, contact the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department for a list of licensed roofers who are in good standing ( Or, ask your network of people you trust. Take advantage of the free inspections many roofers will do; these give you an idea of what specific repairs and costs are to be expected.
In the same way, you can find contractors and local businesses for each specific area (siding, fencing, electrical, windows, etc) who can repair the damage. Schedule times for them to complete the work. The entire city was hit with the same storm, so keep in mind that there may be a wait list!


Often it takes a big storm like this to give us a wake up call. We can all take preventative measures to decrease the amount of damage in the future. When high winds are forecast, take these steps.

  • Secure law furniture and other items in place.
  • Secure your BBQ and disconnect the BBQ gas lines from the house. If you have a propane tank, be sure to turn the propane off.
  • Have regular roofing assessments done to save from water leaks and future damage.
  • Keep your trees, shrubs and bushes trimmed and pruned.
  • Properly anchor all of your fencing and pergolas.  Store lightweight items in the garage or storage shed.

Colorado Springs real estate is on the rise and the market is booming. Keeping your house updated, functional and beautiful will help you when the time comes to sell!
[Photo credit: Cindy Kuhn & Britney Hale via]