How to Throw a Festive Memorial Day Weekend Party at Home

Colorado Springs Summer Evening

Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect time to kick off the summer in Colorado Springs with a party! Extended hours of daylight, warm nights, and an extra day off work are all the more reason to invite your friends and family over for a celebration in your backyard. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

First, summertime is for grilling, and Memorial Day Weekend is the best time to fire up your grill!

Make sure to light it up a few days before the party though, just in case it needs some maintenance after the long winter. And give it a good clean.

For food, ask your friends and family to all pitch in—potluck style.

Try to do your shopping on Wednesday or Thursday too as the grocery stores in Colorado Springs are very busy and picked over during the holiday weekend.

If you don’t have a fire pit for your backyard, Memorial Day Weekend is a great time to invest in one. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other garden stores in Colorado Springs often have sales for the holiday. Pick one up before your party, and make sure to grab some wood, as well as some fire sticks for roasting marshmallows. Make sure to check on fire bans in your area since we have had such a dry winter.

Finally, Colorado Springs can get chilly at night.

If you plan to keep the party outside, ask your friends and family to bring their blankets. Alternatively, bring a few of your own outside for your guests.

Now all you need to do is to let everyone know about the party! We hope you all have a safe and festive Memorial Day Weekend in Colorado Springs!