The Benefits of Raised Garden Beds in Colorado Springs

For homeowners who don’t have the yard space, proper soil, or time to invest in an expansive yard garden, raised garden beds could be right for you!

We recently had a client who is moving to Colorado Springs from California this summer, and he told us that, as a master gardener, he swears by raised garden beds. Because they require little water, they are not only better for dry summers (typical to both California and Colorado), but they are low maintenance.

Our client recommends the brand Earth Boxes for anyone else who would like to give raised garden beds a go – they offer a unique and ingenious approach to raised bed gardening. Because his enthusiasm inspires us, we’ve put together some benefits of raised bed gardening.

1. Portability

The most obvious benefit of raised bed gardening is that the boxes are portable. This is especially beneficial to gardeners in Colorado Springs as we tend to get spring and summer hail storms that can ruin our plants. With portable beds though, you can quickly move delicate plants under cover by bringing them on your porch or in the garage. And, during late or early season frosts, you can also protect your plants by bringing them inside.

2. Control Over Your Soil

When planting a garden in your yard, you often have to prepare the soil for your plants. In Colorado Springs, it’s not uncommon to find dirt is too clay-like or plagued by nearby tree roots. Pests and harmful bugs that will harm your plants can also be crawling in the soil.

With raised garden beds though, you have complete control over the soil. Because you are starting with a blank slate, you can choose different soils for different kinds of vegetables. For many beginner gardeners, this is incredibly beneficial.

3. Control Over Weeds

Raised garden beds are not prone to weeds like gardens in the ground. If weeds do grow, it is also much easier to pull them up. By planting vegetables close to one another, you can even suffocate the weeds and prevent them from growing further.