Summer Home Projects to Start Planning Now

Charming Porch in Woodmoor

Planning to tackle renovations or home upgrades this summer? Now is the time to start planning. Even with snow on the ground and winter in full force, contractors and landscapers are already beginning to book their calendars for the summer months— you want to make sure to schedule your slot.

Home upgrades and renovations are great ways to increase the equity of your Colorado Springs home, ensuring you can sell for top dollar in the future. Even if you don’t plan to sell, maintaining the curb appeal can benefit the value of homes in your neighborhood, as well as your pride.

Not sure what projects to begin planning this early in the year? Our experienced team of real estate agents has you covered! Here is a list of the renovations we recommend you start planning now:

1. Roof Replacement

A fresh clean roof makes all the difference in giving your home an updated look and feel.  Curled shingle edges, cracked shingles, dark stains, and missing granules are all signs it’s time to replace your roof. Roofs older than 20 years should also be inspected as this is the general lifetime of shingles. A roofing professional can diagnose the condition of your roof and give you a good idea if your homeowners insurance covers the cost.  Now is a good time to line up a roof inspection.  Winter through Spring is a good time for roof repair or replacements because roofers are not as busy as we find them in the Summer through Fall months due to all the hail we get here in Colorado Springs.

2. Major Landscaping Projects

Are you planning a grand landscaping project this summer? We recommend you start planning now. Landscapers and Garden Architects in Colorado Springs can quickly book up, and you want to ensure you can work with the company that best understands your vision and curb appeal goals. Even if you are planning to complete most of the work on your own, materials for decks, water features, shrubbery, and large-scale garden can sell out quickly and should be ordered well in advance. Moreover, specific plants and flowers need to be placed in the ground as early as March for adequate growth. Visit one of the many fantastic nurseries in Colorado Springs to learn more about planting season and preparing your soil.

3. Exterior Painting

Don’t delay if your home is ready for that fresh coat of paint.  Not only will new paint give your home an instant facelift, but it will also protect wood siding from the rot that occurs when water gains access to exposed raw wood through hail chips or the aging process. Like roofers and landscapers, exterior painting companies also fill up their summer calendar months before the warm weather arrives. If you are planning to hire an exterior painting company this summer, begin making phone calls now for estimates and availability.

If you have any questions about how curb appeal and exterior upgrades impact the value of our home or need contractor referrals give our team at Woodleaf Realty a call. We would love to help answer your questions!