Get Neighborly in Colorado Springs with NextDoor Social App

nextdoor colorado springs

We live in an era of social media profiles and cell phone apps. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…if you’re not online, do you really exist? And if you need help with something—anything, really—there is an app for that (short for application).

Apps have been created to help with everything from directions to dating. There are apps for coupons, ordering food, selling items, and even finding a dog sitter. Everything can and is done online, including meeting your new neighbors.

NextDoor, founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, is a private, localized social networking app to connect with neighbors.

According to a poll in 2016, more than 100,000 neighborhoods are currently listed—including Briargate, Old Colorado City, Manitou Springs, Downtown, Fillmore, Mountain Shadow, Woodmoor in Monument, and many others in Colorado Springs. Only verified homeowners can join a neighborhood page and the app guarantees members privacy and security.

As passionate real estate agents in Colorado Springs, we love to help our clients and home buyers plug into their new neighborhoods. While we are still fans of baking cookies and meeting your neighbors face-to-face, NextDoor could be the next best thing for our tech-savvy generation.

NextDoor allows members to discuss serious issues including neighborhood watch, maintenance issues, safety concerns, and lost pets or items. It also helps Colorado Springs residents meet one another, organize social events, trade advice, and make new friends. Need to find a babysitter so you can sip some drinks at IvyWild? Looking for a neighbor to water the plants while camping in Cheyenne Mountain? This is the app to try.

Overall, we believe as real estate agents that NextDoor is a useful and handy app for new Colorado Springs residents. With it, you can connect with other Coloradans, get neighborly, and learn more about your new home in the Pikes Peak region (just remember to actually meet your neighbors face-to-face). If you are new to Colorado Springs, make sure to check NextDoor out!