New Home Builds: Do I Need a Real Estate Agent?

Thinking about buying a new construction home in Colorado Springs and curious if you need a real estate agent? The short answer is: yes. Here’s why—

When purchasing a home from a builder in the Pikes Peak region, it is wise to have a Buyer’s Agent, specifically someone who is familiar with new construction purchases, to represent you as the buyer. The agent’s commission is always paid for by the builder and already calculated into the cost of the home, so you don’t have to worry about extra expenses or finding an “affordable” agent. Instead, focus on using a Buyer’s Agent who is experienced and knowledgeable in new construction sales.

A Buyer’s Agent can also do the legwork in obtaining information for you. They can show you the comparisons for new construction homes designed by other builders in Colorado Springs. They can also research current homes on the market and assist you through the decision-making process. Moreover, your agent can advise you about what to expect when purchasing a new home and can help you get the answers to the hard questions. They can also ask the questions that you wouldn’t have known to ask. And, after you are under contract for a new build, your agent will be there to advise and guide you through the entire closing process. 

Our agents at Woodleaf Realty are all experienced in selling new construction homes and are familiar with current, as well as up and coming build sites in the Pikes Peak region. Give us a call to discuss the first steps to finding your new home today!