For New Buyers: Don’t Get Hung Up on These 4 Things When Viewing Homes

new buyers

Getting ready to shop for your first home in Colorado Springs? With the housing market as hot as it is, it’s important to be ready to put an offer down on the house you love. Unfortunately, not all sellers will stage or update their home to meet your style or design preferences. For new buyers with high-expectations, this can be a challenge.

While making a wish-list is important, touring houses often requires having an open mind, as well as learning to differentiate between quick-fixes and full-on renovations. Sitting down with your realtor ahead of time can help to prepare you for what to expect in your price range. Your realtor can also offer you tips and advice for thinking creatively during walk-throughs and envisioning your personal touch on a home.

With that being said, here are four things we recommend home buyers disregard when viewing houses:

1. Light Fixtures. It sounds silly, but light fixtures can often distract and turn-off potential buyers, especially when the house is empty aside for the gaudy chandelier in the dining room. Just remember, light fixtures can easily and affordably be changed once you have the keys.

Before touring houses, stop by Peak Lighting, the local Colorado Springs lighting experts, to browse modern fixtures. This will help you better visualize your preferred lighting while viewing homes.

2. Paint Colors. Some homeowners love neutral colors, some love neon yellow. Paint, while it can be visually distracting, should not be a factor when deciding if a home is right for you. Ask your realtor to help you visualize the rooms in your preferred shade and focus on the more permanent aspects of the room, such as the shape, flooring, or placement of windows. Once you’ve purchased a home, ask your realtor for paint contractor recommendations if your budget allows.

3. Window Treatments. Like light fixtures and paint, do your best to ignore blinds and curtains, as these can also be changed with little effort. Instead, focus on the natural Colorado sunlight pouring into the room or the beautiful view of the Front Range, or even the mountain, Pikes Peak. Also, pay attention to the age and condition of the windows. Many older homes may still have the original windows to retain the charm of the era, but Colorado Springs winters can get cold—double-paned windows to retain heat is a definite bonus.

4. Cabinet and Bathroom Hardware. Depending on the era of home, you may be turned off by the brass cabinet knobs or dated sink faucets. While this can seem daunting at first and make a negative first impression, focus more on the condition of the cabinets or the square footage of the bathroom. Ask your realtor for help with envisioning modern, updated accessories and visit some of Colorado Springs’ top kitchen and bath showrooms for inspiration.