Let Us Help You Buy Your First Home in Colorado Springs This Year!

Planning to buy your first home in Colorado Springs this year? We hope so! Colorado Springs has seen incredible growth in the past year (the 2017 housing market numbers prove it!), and we believe that growth is going to continue into 2018. With gorgeous mountains, top-rated schools, healthy employment rates, and a fantastic community, our beautiful city is no longer a secret. Whether you are a Colorado Springs resident and looking to make the jump from renting to owning, or you are planning to move here and purchase your first home, we want to help!
First, it’s important to remember that to buy a home you need to begin the year by adjusting your budget and saving for a down payment (even if you are planning to sell and then buy another property). This is especially true if you will be buying your very first home as you won’t have the funds from a sale to roll over into a new purchase. Make a goal in 2018 to track your spending, and write every purchase down. This will help to keep you accountable and on track with your house-hunt timeline.
Give our team at Woodleaf Realty a call! Helping you find a new home is our number one priority and, as experienced agents in the Colorado Springs region, we are confident we can help answer your questions and reach your home buying goals. If you are currently in Colorado Springs, let’s grab a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe! We are also happy to meet you at your home, or where convenient. This is something we love doing with our clients; together we can discuss the home buying process so that you feel confident and assured. We can help prepare you for what to expect, as well as develop a timetable. At Woodleaf Realty, we love hearing about your goals and helping you obtain them.  And we want your home buying experience to be a positive and memorable one. We are also happy to discuss the process, answer your questions, and create a timeline over the phone.

If you are ready to begin hunting for your 2018 home in Colorado Springs, give us a call (text and email work too)!