How Downsizing Provides More Time and Money

Is one of your goals in 2018 to downsize? Maybe you’ve lived in the same home for some time and are ready for a change. Whether your kids have left the nest or you are just ready to experience smaller living, maybe even moving from acreage to city life, downsizing is an excellent option for many homeowners in Colorado Springs. Here’s why:

For some of us, for whatever the reason, the years of living in large, multi-room homes are coming to an end.

We’re ready to downsize, to have less stuff and a smaller space. Instead of 4 to 5 bedrooms, we only want 2 or 3. Clearing out the clutter can seem daunting but the rewards can be refreshing.  Downsizing means reducing the tasks of yard work, home maintenance, house cleaning, and on and on.  Downsizing provides more time and money for what you love whether it be enjoying your family, those grandkids, exploring our beautiful Rocky Mountains or a getaway to Italy.

This is where our trusted team of real estate agents come in.

We at Woodleaf love helping those who want to downsize. We’ve helped numerous Colorado Springs buyers—both young and old—move into a smaller home over the last few years. By sitting down and discussing strategy, we can help them sell their current home for top dollar while also searching for a small, just as beautiful property nearby. If this is you, we would love to discuss how to make downsizing a reality in 2018. Give us a call today!