Home Projects for President’s Day Weekend

Are you looking for ways to be productive over the three day weekend? Does your house need some TLC this winter? Here are a few of our favorite, easy home projects for a 3-day weekend:

1. Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. It’s the one season we Coloradans know little about. Rain showers? Blossoming trees? In Colorado, spring only means one thing: more snow.  (fun fact: the latest recorded snowfall in Colorado was June 12, 1947!) Nevertheless, they say spring is just around there corner so why not do a little spring cleaning over the three-day weekend? Mopping, dusting, washing linens, disinfecting appliances…there is no time like the present to do it.

2. Energy Updates

Did you read our latest blog post: Save Money in 2018 with these Home Energy Upgrades? If you have been wanting to tackle some of these projects—like replacing worn weather strips or outdated appliances, this upcoming three-day weekend is a perfect time. Watch for President’s Day Weekend appliance sales at home stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

3. Paint Your Walls

Do the walls of your home feel a little sad this winter? Update them with a fresh coat of paint! An easy and inexpensive project, paint can completely transform a room, as well as update the overall mood of your home. According to Elle Decor, Charcoal Brown, Ultra Violet, Golden Ochre, and Penelope Pink are all trending in 2018.

4. Clean Your Light Fixtures

It goes without saying that light fixtures and ceiling fans collect a lot of dust and grime—especially in the winter. If you aren’t going to tackle a large spring cleaning project this President’s Day Weekend, consider spending an afternoon dusting off and disinfecting the light fixtures in your home. Your lungs with thank you.

5. Purge the Clutter

If minimizing your possessions was one of your 2018 resolutions, President’s Day Weekend is a great time to sort, rid, and donate anything and everything you don’t need. There are numerous charities in Colorado Springs where you can drop off donated items. For a large haul, Goodwill and Arc are both excellent options. For more specific and gently used donations such as jackets, blankets, sleeping bags, and home items, call a local charity like the Springs Rescue Mission or Lutheran Family Refugee Services.