19 Tips to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Are you planning to sell your home and are you wondering what to do to get the biggest return on one of the largest investments of your life?  Proper home preparation involves thinking like a buyer, some time and effort and need not be costly.
So let’s talk a little about how you make your home be the very best one over all the other homes for sale. Let’s help you to draw multiple offers over list price.  Wise home preparation, as a result, will insure that your eventual buyer is extremely comfortable in your home as they can clearly envision their own lifestyle there.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything.  Hence, start from the outside and work your way in.  An unkempt exterior, yard and entry way is an immediate turn-off to prospective buyers and sets the tone for the rest of the tour.  Deferred maintenance issues can send subconscious messages that the rest of the home has been neglected as well.

Be your biggest critic and take a closer look.

Ask yourself is the lawn neatly mowed?  Are the leaves raked?  Weeds pulled and pitched in the trash?  Automotive oil stains on the driveway removed?  Does your front door need a fresh coat of paint?  Perhaps those shutters need a power wash or some paint?  In fact, it may be time for the whole house to get a refreshing coat of paint.  Remember that buyers are constantly comparing your home with the others they see.

Repair, Replace and Update

It’s normal that the littlest of things in our homes tend to eventually come in need of attention and repair.  Often we tend to live with those things until we can get around to fixing them.

Unfortunately, buyers looking for their dream home often notice the smallest issues with dismay.

Therefore, look at each room with a critical eye, and take care of each and every detail that needs correction.  A lot of little things can add up to a buyer thinking “no, this home needs too much work for the price”.   So ask yourself, do you have loose door handles that need replacing?  Is there a leaky window?  A dimmer light switch that no longer dims? Perhaps you have cabinets that need a new finish.  Or updated cabinet pulls?  Do interior walls need spackle or perhaps walls need a new coat of paint?  New, fresh caulk around sinks where caulk is missing goes a long way in adding a clean and new appearance.  If you’re a DIYer, take on what you are able to do and then ask your realtor for a handyman to hire who can do the rest.

Depersonalize and De-clutter

Most homes are warm with personal items and photos.  Surprisingly though, it’s a distraction to a buyer from their imagination of making your house their home.  Thus, begin now to pack those family photos and collections from rooms and cabinets for your next home.
Sometimes sellers have a particular light fixture or other attached item they love and with them.  Now’s the time to purchase and install a replacement and pack up your favorite piece.  A buyer can feel cheated when special items are excluded drawing them to conclude the home is overpriced.


Is your family room arranged for comfort around the cozy fireplace or television?  But, in reality does it look like a furniture store?  Ask your Realtor for staging assistance to help make your home look like inviting model by storing some extra furniture pieces.  Keep in mind, it’s only temporary!  Remember, you’re moving soon.

A well staged home need not be costly.

Home Preparation

And, proper staging and home preparation is key to obtaining a highly motivated and enthusiastic buyer.  Ultimately, you will appreciate the buyer who loves your home, has to have your home, and won’t be denied.
In short, we want your home to shine like no other and make it’s way to the top of the buyers’ “love list”!
In summary, we, at Woodleaf, are pros at guiding and advising our clients to effectively prepare their home to gain the highest financial return possible.  Ask us about our professional staging services we include.  Woodleaf has a resource of professionals to help make your home look amazing including handymen, contractors, inspectors for pre-inspection services, and professional photography, as well as drone photography.  We take essential time with our clients.  We make skilled suggestions from years of experience to create that “model home” feel.  Join our list of satisfied sellers happy with the results of our hard work.