Holiday Curb Appeal: Should You Decorate Your Home While It’s on the Market?

holiday decor

Can I decorate my home for the holidays even while it is listed for sale?

This is a common question we receive from sellers in Colorado Springs during the holiday season—and understandably so. Sellers wonder: should I hold back on the exterior lights and decor for fear of turning away potential buyers? Or should I channel my inner Griswold and create the most festive home on the block?
Regardless of the season, we always recommend sellers keep their curb appeal as neutral and pleasing as possible while the house is being shown to potential buyers. Buyers want to see a clean and well-kept home, but they also want to be able to picture a future life there. Neutral paint colors, a manicured yard, and holiday accents create an inviting and mature space. During the holidays, this can best be achieved with soft lighting, seasonal plants, and tasteful decor.
Use small, white lights to decorate the outside of your home, and keep the lighting minimal. Avoid icicle lights or blinkers as they can be a distraction, and stay away from large bulbs or multi-colors — while fun and festive they can be a turn off for potential buyers and are best avoided. Furthermore, leave the lawn ornaments and plastic Santa in the attic this year; they will only serve as a distraction.
For greenery, a fresh wreath on the front door is a wonderful accent to decorate your porch. A festive, but tasteful welcome mat can also be inviting. Colorado-friendly winter patio plants — take a look at Boxwood Hedges, potted Cypresses, and Japanese Yews — also add warmth to the entry of your home and create a festive ambiance.
Most important, remember this: just because you are selling your home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun of holiday decor. Decorate to compliment your porch rather than distract from it, and feel free to participate in the festivities of the holiday season in Colorado Springs!
If you have any questions about how to decorate your home while it is on the market, our experienced agents at Woodleaf Realty are happy to talk with you. Give us a call today!
We wish everyone in Colorado Springs a fantastic holiday season!