Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Home in the Sizzling Colorado Springs Market (Part 1)

Homes on Woodruff Rd in Stone Crossing

Buying a house in Colorado Springs—one of the hottest markets in the USA—is a big, expensive decision. It’s also an incredibly emotional one. For many of us, a home is a place to build memories, rest, and spend time with the ones we love. How we decorate our homes and landscape our yards reflect our individual styles. It is in our homes that we host parties and celebrate holidays, share meals and watch our children grow. Our homes are not just roofs over our heads—they are sacred spaces for life to be lived and cherished.

So it is no wonder that searching for a home can be both exciting and challenging. While buyers do sometimes find the home of their dreams within a few days (and even want the furnishings!), it is not usually such a quick process in the current market—especially when the Colorado Springs homes are low in inventory and properties are bought up within hours. It’s important that you have an experienced real estate agent in your corner in a hot market. A good agent has an “eye” for good properties and when to not just jump, but race to see a particular home. Patience is a virtue with a real estate agent too, someone who sticks close to you, hunting and watching with you for the right property, someone who is completely vested in the best outcome for you.

Certain things can make or break a house hunt experience. High expectations or working with an amateur agent can completely ruin the search for a home. To help you avoid this and truly end up in a wonderful space, here is what buyers need to know:

1. Houses Are Bought, Homes Are Made

In our experience, buyers usually “know” a home is for them when walking in the front door. They have a sense about it.  If they feel it’s the right home within the first few seconds, they then use their five senses as they continue to look the home over and try to find deal breakers.

When touring houses, it’s important to envision yourself living there—1, 5, and 10 years down the road. It may not feel like yours when you first tour it, but can you see yourself building a life there? If so, it may be the one for you. Look past the wallpaper, color scheme, and needed upgrades. Remember that houses are bought, but homes are made.

2. The Market is Hot—Like Really Hot

Fabulous homes hit the market every day in Colorado Springs and, if they are priced right and in the lower price ranges, they will sell within a day.  With busy work and school schedules, it’s not always possible for buyers to get in to see an exciting listing within hours of it hitting the market; some of these great homes will slip by. While the Colorado Springs market can be incredibly intimidating, rest assured that you will find a place—it just may not be the first place.

Stay tuned for Part 2!