Do It Yourself While Adding Value To Your Home

Are you looking for some simple, money-saving ideas that can help you increase the value of your home? Here are some easy DIY projects that can increase the value of your home without putting a large dent in your wallet.


One of the most cost-effective improvements is a new coat of paint! Freshly painted rooms look clean and feel updated. Keeping neutrals in mind will appeal to the greatest number of people when it’s time to sell. When selecting paint, use an egg shell finish. Egg shell paint has a slight sheen to reflect more light in your room and is much easier to clean than a flat finish.

Replace Dated Light Fixtures

Update the look of any room by changing out the lighting. Changing the lighting fixtures in a room can completely transform its appearance. Whether you want fun and quirky or traditional and timeless, you can find lighting fixtures to fit any budget. Easy to follow online tutorials will have you transforming your home in just a weekend.

Switch Out Your Plumbing Fixtures

Have your bathroom and kitchen faucets seen better days? Updating your faucets can easily add value to your home. Consider switching out your old kitchen faucet to a nice pull-out faucet with a built in sprayer. Waterfall style bathroom faucets can really catch the eye of a potential buyer and give your bathroom an immediate update. Be sure to match the finish of other plumbing fixtures in the room when you are shopping.

Update Cabinet Hardware

One of the easiest ways to transform the look of your old cabinets is to switch out the knobs and pulls. Stay with the same finish if you have older cabinets with exposed hinges. If you have cabinets where the hinges are hidden, you can change the finish for a completely different look.

Paint Your Cabinets

If replacing old cabinets is not quite within your budget, painting is always an option and can give your kitchen or bath a facelift. Although much more time consuming than just changing out hardware, it can be well worth the time investment if you’re game. Be prepared to spend a few days with several steps to achieve durable and professional looking results.

But, if you’re still in need of new, updated cabinets without the time it takes to paint or the high cost of replacement, check out Steve Warren and the folks at Colorado Cabinet Coatings. They are the pros we rely on to do an expert job that transform kitchens making homes irresistible to buyers.

Add Some Crown Molding!

Want to add a little charm to an otherwise boring room? Add some crown molding! With advances in material such as lightweight hard plaster that cuts easily with a hand saw, you can add a little elegance to a room in just a few hours, as well as value to your home.

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