Community Gardens – Local Sustainability Within The City

When you think of Colorado Springs, picturesque mountains and plains populated with wild antelope fill your imagination. But did you know Colorado Springs is home to several thriving community gardens?

Pikes Peak Urban Gardens, founded in 2007 by Larry Stebbins, is a growing non-profit with a mission to cultivate community through organic gardening and educational outreach in the Pikes Peak region.

Community gardens provide a source of local organic food, as well as turning neglected plots of unused land into a beautiful array of color and greenery. PPUG has worked with school groups, senior homes and other organizations in the area to educate and empower gardeners of all ages. Here is a quick glance at some of our local community gardens. 

Mid Shooks Run Community Garden

At the corner of Boulder and El Paso Street, this garden is in its second growing season. An extended growing season is possible with the addition of a geodesic dome built by Dome Creations LLC.   


Duckwood Community Garden

This garden in Fountain Creek Regional Park is our new community garden in Fountain. Created in partnership with the El Paso County Parks system, this garden offers 40 raised bed plots and 4 large in-ground plots. Farm hydrants are located throughout the garden for easy access.

Harrison Urban Gardens

This 3/4 acre plot is home to a geodesic dome and a chicken coop. Located at 1060 Harrison Road, this garden includes a pumpkin patch, an orchard and even a picnic area!

Harlan Wolfe Ranch Community Garden

Nestled on a 4-acre city park along Cheyenne Creek, this community garden is a historic homestead. Restoration of an 1896 old brick house is currently in progress. This garden is located at 915 W Cheyenne Blvd.

Vermijo Community Garden

Built along a section of Vermijo Park in Old Colorado City, this garden is currently undergoing a revitalization to improve raised beds, walkways and access. 

Fire Station 21 Community Garden

Situated on the east side of Colorado Springs, this garden was constructed in 2015 by local fire fighters and student volunteers from the Imagine Classical Academy. While fire fighters manage a few of the plots, most are gardened by our local community members.

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or you are a newbie, community gardens are an excellent way to create community. They provide an educational space for people of all ages to learn about self sustainability. Additionally, working in a garden is particularly effective in relieving stress and provides health benefits by enjoying the outdoors.

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