Colorado Springs Has Another Nickname. Can You Guess What It Is?

If you have lived in Colorado Springs for a while, you know our city is not often referred to by its full name. Instead, residents call this beautiful city “The Springs.” 

We recently learned that Colorado Springs also has another nickname though.

It’s one that goes back years in history and is not as well known. Any clue what it is?

Colorado Springs is also known as “Little London.” That’s right, as in London, England.

Used mostly by historians and (most likely) the folk from the generations who founded our city, the name was given because in the early 20th century one in five Colorado Springs residents was from Great Britain. English investors, they came over to invest money in the development of the railroad.

According to Patricia Farris Skolout, author of Colorado Springs History A to Z, the residents of Colorado Springs acted “quite British,” or posh. In the early 20th century, residents of our beloved town situated at the base of beautiful Pikes Peak carried umbrellas. The also celebrated the holidays of England, flew the English flag, and played cricket (a lively game local to the south of England).

Moreover, early residents enjoyed high tea at The Broadmoor, our city’s most exclusive resort, and the tradition is carried on today. And, on Colorado Avenue, The British Pantry and Tea Room is another loved place to enjoy and experience high tea in our city. In fact, Maria, one of the owners of the small business, is from Brighton, Sussex in England.

If there are not already enough fun and interesting facts about Colorado Springs, we love this one. Our city is full of surprises, and this only adds to the numerous reasons why we love it here. In fact, if you are interested in exploring more Colorado Springs’ history then don’t miss The Pioneer Museum in downtown Colorado Springs.  They give guided tours and you’ll find the history absolutely fascinating.