Clear the Clutter

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Whether you’re in the midst of a move or you have been settled for some time, the one task that brings many people anxiety is the task of decluttering. According to Psychology Today and Web MD, stress is directly linked to the clutter in our homes and stress is not good for your health. If you feel your energy is being zapped when you enter a room, or you find you intentionally avoid certain rooms because you feel overwhelmed, it’s time to reclaim the space that attracted you to your home in the first place.
Decluttering not only relieves anxiety and stress, it’s essential if you are planning to sell your home. There’s no hiding a mess when curious wannabe buyers shuffle through your house peeking into every closet and cupboard to visualize the space.

Where to start

If you are feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to start, start in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom! The bathroom is a smaller space and will require less time than a kitchen or bedroom. It is also the space where you get ready for your day and where you go to get ready for bed. It’s a space where you are not likely to store sentimental items that may cause anxiety when purging. Having a calming and organized bathroom can help set the tone for the rest of your day. Once the bathroom is done you will feel a sense of accomplishment and feel ready to tackle a bigger room.

How and what to purge

There are many how-to methods, but the simplest method is to take an item and put it in one of three bags. The first bag is the trash bag. You know what no longer serves you and if it doesn’t have life left, trash it!
The next bag is the donate bag. This is usually the toughest bag to put an item in. These are items that still have life; they just aren’t for you any longer. If you find you just can’t let go of something ask yourself when was the last time you used it. If it’s been sitting and collecting dust, donate it.
The last bag is the keep bag. These are items that serve a purpose in your life. Don’t mistake these with “items that MAY one day serve a purpose”. We all know that keeping things we might need in the future just adds to the clutter we are trying to eliminate. Only keep items you know you will use.
Once you have your 3 bags and your space is cleared, you can now take the items in your keep bag and purposefully organize them. To help with organization, you may want to purchase some simple organizers. There are hundreds of DIY ideas online to help you get a feel for what will work best for the space you are organizing.

Don’t get discouraged

It doesn’t matter whether you do a little bit everyday (for example 15 minutes), or you designate a set amount of time one day a week for decluttering. What matters is to just start. If you have set a schedule and you fall behind, don’t get discouraged. Pick up where you left off and just keep chunking away. Soon you will feel lighter and more organized. For many, purging items that have been mentally weighing them down has become a healthy addiction. It just may become an addiction for you too!
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