4 Reasons We Are Thankful This Year

Happy last day of November! With it being the final day of the month – a month that focuses on gratitude and thanksgiving – we want to share what we at Woodleaf Realty are thankful for:

1. We Are Thankful for A Roof Over Our Heads

Today, we are saying “thanks” for a place we can call our own. We are thankful that this space is warm and secure, and we are grateful to have a place where we can gather with the ones we love. In the real estate industry, conversations often revolve around topics like resale, renovations, equity, finding your dream home, etc. While all of these issues are important, today we want to focus on being grateful for the living space we currently have—even with all its quirks and outdated fixtures.

2. We Are Thankful To Live Close To The Mountains

Colorado Springs is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world; we are incredibly grateful to live in such a beautiful, friendly, and active city. We are thankful for the mountains and canyons, and we are grateful for the numerous parks and creeks. We are especially thankful to live in a city with four beautiful seasons and to wake up each morning at the base of, none other than, Pikes Peak.

3. We Are Thankful For Our Neighbors

What a beautiful thing it is to live in community, surrounded by kind and generous people. Today we are grateful for our Colorado Springs neighbors—the ones close to our home, as well as the ones all throughout the city. The Colorado Springs community is one of the most selfless, caring, and fun communities around—we are grateful to be a part of it!

4. We Are Thankful For All of YOU

Without the wonderful homeowners of Colorado Springs, we would not be in business, so, this week, we are also reflecting on how grateful we are for you all. We are thankful to have helped so many of you find homes you love. And we feel incredibly blessed to be a part of your journeys. Thank you for your continued business and for trusting us with your quest to find, not a house, but a home—we are incredibly grateful.

Happy holidays, everyone! We hope your hearts and homes are full of love, joy, and gratitude today, and every day.