4 of Our Favorite Home-Focused Gifts for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for a special and unique gift for your mom this Mother’s Day? Here are a few of our favorite home-themed gifts for all of the moms who love to care for their homes in Colorado Springs!

1. Gift Mom Porch Planters

With warm days upon us, it is time we all spruce up our patios and invest in some curb appeal. For Mother’s Day this year, help your mom out by cleaning off her front porch and decorating with some fresh, seasonal flowers. Check out our blog on summer front porch makeovers under $50 for more specific ideas!

2. Spring Clean Your Mom’s Home

Every home needs a good spring clean this time of year to rid the house of winter dirt and dust. Offer to spend an afternoon deep cleaning your mom’s home as your gift this Mother’s Day. Send her out with her friends while you (and your siblings if you can get them in on the gift!) deep clean her house just in time for summer.

3. Plant Your Mom a Tree

A beautiful and timeless gift that your mom can watch grow in the coming years consider planting a fruit tree in her yard. Apple trees and cherry trees do well in Colorado Springs’ climate but make sure to talk with a local nursery about how to care for the tree as some require more work than others.

4. Gift Cards for Home Goods and Landscaping Stores

For the moms who love landscaping, home projects, and more, nothing says ‘I love you’ on Mother’s Day like a gift card to one of Colorado Springs’ home goods or landscaping stores. If your mom already has a lot of summer projects planned for her home, this is the perfect gift!