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Mountain Shadows, A Lovely Mixture

Mountain Shadows, Peregrine's neighbor to the south, shares the same idea of views and appreciation of the outdoors.  In 2012 a horrific fire, the Waldo Canyon Fire, swept through the neighborhood.  As a result, a number of homes were lost.  Folks would not be denied living in their neighborhood that they loved.  Therefore, you will find a blend of not only mid-1980s construction but also beautifully new upscale homes.  Therefore, you’ll find homes priced from just under $300,000 to just under $1,000,000.  Additionally, there are lovely and affordable apartments in the area.

A Restaurant Namesake

Mountain Shadows Restaurant, named for the Mountain Shadows community, is located in a snugly warm old converted house.  Highly touted on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, by Guy Fieri, it was also featured on Food Networks' Top Places To Eat.  Food Network has given this restaurant five stars.  As they said: "The spot won Guy over with its heaping portions of comfort food."

If you would like to explore what living would be like in the Mountain Shadows community of the Colorado Springs – Northwest area, just let us know and we will do our utmost to help you find just the neighborhood environment you are looking for.

Mountain Shadows Homeowners Association

A thriving and active HOA, there are a number of events held.  Most noteworthy is their Block Party advertised as follows: "Join us for a fun fill afternoon of great food, great music, and great neighbors."

Schools Serving Mountain Shadows

This community is served by Colorado Springs District 11.   Chipeta Elementary, Holmes Middle School, as well as Coronado High School

So, let us show you this lovely neighborhood.  Just give us a call!

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